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Best Tweets for Trauma Survivors (week ending 04/16/10)

Best Tweets for Trauma Survivors is a weekly Friday feature. My selections are entirely subjective, and I know it will never be possible to include every great resource tweeted. But I can try! I’ve personally read all tweeted links, and believe them to be of great value. Disclaimer: I am in no way responsible for …

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The Not So Multi-Task List

Now that I’ve had a bit of sleep, I’m pondering current personal and professional goals, and how I might expect to attain them. Some goals are vague: “I want to write more.” Some are personally-driven: “I need more restful sleep.” Some cry out for priority: “I need more/better organization.” Some of these goals, like “print …

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It's Like School Is Starting

I mean, for me, personally. When I was a kid, I always welcomed the start of school as a marker for new adventures, new (non-life threatening) challenges, and new hope. I created ways to become increasingly lost in my studies, as a means of not dealing with my particular hell-for-a-childhood reality. Starting school was a …

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Yes, I'm A Luddite

After years of scribbling URLs, special offer codes, and phone numbers on scraps of paper and backs of envelopes, then forgetting where I put them, I graduated to creating a draft in Gmail, which at least made a centralized dumping area. Unfortunately I now have almost 400 drafts. I have capitulated and dragged myself into …

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It's Like He Wrote This For Me

I am a person who is great at making lists, but not so great at doing something with the items on my list. Having just discovered Mashable a few days ago, I am delighted that Jordan English Gross is already inside my head with his new article, 5 Steps to Getting Unstuck and Pursuing Your …

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Well, Just Turn the Lights Out Already

Okay, too far too fast. I’m trying to do too many things all at once and there’s only one of me. Sort of. I seriously don’t know how people who were never multiples get everything done. I am trying to organize and time-manage/orchestrate reading, writing, marketing, typesetting, and taxes so they all fit neatly into …

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