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DID/C-PTSD on Pinterest


C-PTSD/DID on Pinterest

This page is the central repository to all links in my new DID/C-PTSD series on Pinterest! Periodically, I’ll roll out another new Pinterest board pertaining to some aspect of trauma surviving and thriving. You can also follow me on Pinterest to discover many other mental health boards!

These Pinterest boards are offered in support of my various mental health-related writing projects.


Child Abuse: Infographics

While this board is not technically part of the DID/C-PTSD series, it is relevant, and a good starting point in understanding how trauma is created, and how it can be prevented. Education is key.


All about Adverse Childhood Experiences, and their impacts which can carry into adulthood.

DID/C-PTSD: Artwork/Poetry

This board contains artwork and poetry either created by a complex trauma survivor or pinned by them as representative of aspects of dissociation, splitting, derealization, etc.

DID/C-PTSD: Boundaries

This board describes why establishing good, healthy boundaries are essential, particularly for trauma survivors, and includes some links in pins to excellent, detailed articles. Be there for yourself.

DID/C-PTSD: Inside Out

The movie ‘Inside Out’ has been cited many times for its therapeutic value in teaching kids (or anyone) about emotions. This board includes therapy ideas, a 5-part series for teachers, a 2-part post on trauma, coloring pages, and fun things to try!

DID/C-PTSD: The Brain

This board contains all things brain: right/left brain; amygdala and fear response; brain-based learning; changes caused by trauma, etc.

DID/C-PTSD: What PTSD Feels Like

PTSD manifests with diverse symptoms that feel endless and unrelenting. Sometimes a phrase precisely captures an aspect of it. And, sometimes, words are completely inadequate.


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