Sep 13 2009

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It's Like School Is Starting

I mean, for me, personally. When I was a kid, I always welcomed the start of school as a marker for new adventures, new (non-life threatening) challenges, and new hope. I created ways to become increasingly lost in my studies, as a means of not dealing with my particular hell-for-a-childhood reality. Starting school was a legitimate avenue of escape after surviving some especially treacherous summers.

I am once again on the precipice of exploring myself in very public places. The Internet has changed dramatically in the last five years, both in scope and function. When I began The Survivors Forum on CompuServe 10+ years ago, it was pretty much the only game in town for a person with little computer expertize to set up a forum online. And it came with all manner of strings and compromises. (Not to mention, no real control over its fate: AOL, sadly, pulled the plug on The Survivors Forum around 2000.)

If I were looking to go that route again, wow! The difference is stunning. Now anyone can set up their own “social network” at places like Ning. And it’s free!

What I am more focused on this time around is developing my writing, which is where it all began as a child. I want to participate fully in the online experience, but leave time and head room to finish all the writing projects that have bounced around in my head for 10 years. It’s a fine line. I write better in an environment where I can bounce ideas off of people, but I also get majorly distracted in that environment.

I’ve got a lot of technical process to catch up on. (Like learning how to use ACT! software; getting in the swing of Facebook and Twitter, all that stuff, on top of writing daily.) But the “start of school” has once again excited me, this time for all the right reasons.

As with just about everything in me now, I am searching for a balance.

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