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“What PTSD Feels Like” now on Pinterest

    As an adjunct to my mental health-related writing projects, I’m building extensive resources on Pinterest. I’m currently working on about 75 125(!) “secret” boards, which really just means “not ready for prime time” yet. I’ll release them to public viewing gradually, as I continue to work on the book(s) which they support. Today …

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Glaring Need for Treatment of Dissociative Disorders

    This is my first Storify story, which allows you to realign Twitter (and other media) from a top down perspective, making it much easier to follow the conversation. It’s long bothered me that important discussions scroll off into oblivion on Twitter; this is one way to capture them. If this post does not …

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Not A Normal Week Here

  [important]You can donate to The One Fund Boston, a 401(c)(3) non-profit set up jointly by Massachusetts Governor Patrick and Boston Mayor Menino to directly benefit victims of the Marathon bombings. Some may not have adequate insurance, or their injuries will stop them from working in their chosen professions. In just one example, a woman …

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PTSD on Pinterest (04/05/13) ~ April: National Child Abuse Prevention Month ~

April: Natl Child Abuse Prevention Month

    (Image via Women’s Coalition of St. Croix) I’m still experiencing ‘difficulties’ in importing a Pinterest board onto my blog. Sometimes it works, and sometimes for no apparent reason at all, it doesn’t. Such is the case with my “April: National Child Abuse Prevention Month” Pinterest board. It’s far too important of a topic …

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Favorite TweetStuff (11/09/12) ~ Enjoy! ~

It’s Friday, and now it gets really dark early, which is kinda depressing. So I looked for cheery things in my Twitter stream this week, and came up with a few. I’ve included others that are amazing or inspiring. And I know some people actually like time changes, so I salute you! Please remember that …

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Favorite TweetStuff (11/02/12) ~ Sandy Relief Edition ~

Every Friday I usually gather favorite items from my Twitter stream that are beautiful, inspiring, funny, or strange. I admit, with all that’s going on with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, that it’s difficult to work up some enthusiasm here. I live south of Boston. We dodged a major bullet with this storm, and I’m …

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