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Finally, a central location for these links! :) This page will be updated with interviews and Q&A’s as they occur.

If you’d like to host a new Q&A, or to contact Sarah about interview opportunities, please use the contact form within this blog.

Blog Talk Radio: Becoming One: Integration and Dissociative Identity Disorder

“Sarah Olson has Dissociative Identity Disorder aka Multiple Personality Disorder. Nearly 15 years ago, while undergoing Dissociative Identity Disorder treatment, Sarah made a decision to integrate her over 50 alters. Why? How? and the change and impact it has had on her life is the subject of this HealthyPlace Mental Health Radio Show.”

Becoming One Every Day: An Interview with Author Sarah Olson

See Sarah’s Q&A on which discusses Dissociative Identity Disorder, therapy issues, and the stigma associated with PTSD.

The Bee Talks with… Sarah E. Olson

In this Q&A Sarah discusses her writing process, books that have changed the way she looks at her inner world, and a “fun fact” which she’s never written about publicly before. (It’s quirky, and it’s totally “Sarah.”)

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