Aug 31 2009

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Well, Just Turn the Lights Out Already

Okay, too far too fast. I’m trying to do too many things all at once and there’s only one of me. Sort of. I seriously don’t know how people who were never multiples get everything done.

I am trying to organize and time-manage/orchestrate reading, writing, marketing, typesetting, and taxes so they all fit neatly into my day. And then maybe have breakfast. The enormity of any of these categories sometimes overwhelms me, so I’m breaking them into smaller elements. Sometimes it helps, sometimes not so much.

Today I spent a lot of time trying to determine what the big deal is about Facebook. Admittedly, I’m probably one of the last five or so people on earth who made it this far Facebook-free. It bugged me that you had to create an account to see anything of what it’s really like. You give your name, your birthday, and other personal info that all seems (to me) to add up to an Identity Thief’s exquisite dream. I don’t get what the benefit to me is supposed to be.

I’ve never been what anyone might term an early adopter.

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