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Raining Shoes

Not those kind. For good or not, most of the time I go through life waiting for some shoe to drop. The good side is that it helps make me better prepared; the not so good side is that preparing for things that don’t happen takes a lot of energy that might have benefited me …

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Recession Relief for Diabetics

The latest issue of DiaTribe – research and product news for people with diabetes reports that: Syringe and pen needle maker Becton, Dickinson and Company . . . pledged to donate five million insulin syringes and pen needles through Direct Relief, a nonprofit humanitarian medical relief organization, to over 1,000 community health centers and free …

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No Magic Wands

I know far too many people who are hurting in this economy, and have been for a very long time. Unemployment impacts real people, not numbers. It impacts choices, and squanders opportunities. And still, we are told it is somehow patriotic to buy something. Things I’ve been buying lately: “Forever” postage stamps — good for …

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