Aug 25 2009

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No Magic Wands

I know far too many people who are hurting in this economy, and have been for a very long time. Unemployment impacts real people, not numbers. It impacts choices, and squanders opportunities. And still, we are told it is somehow patriotic to buy something.

Things I’ve been buying lately:

  • “Forever” postage stamps — good for a one ounce letter no matter how much the price of stamps go up after you buy them.
  • Vitamins and generic Benadryl in bulk — much cheaper this way. (Disclaimer: I am just a happy customer with constant allergies, no other interest in Wonderlabs.)
  • Always stock up on “buy one get one free” sales if you would be buying the product anyway.
  • Never pay shipping on Amazon orders; consolidate orders to the $25 minimum for free shipping, or use their “subscription” ordering which always has free shipping regardless of the order total.

Things we’re not buying: movie tickets; Apple anything; vacations; any major discretionary item. We somehow must budget a new furnace into the mix before winter, which is about as non-discretionary as it gets.

If we get a “cash for old furnaces” subsidy, I am soooo there.

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