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Best Tweets For Trauma Survivors at Year End

Best Tweets For Trauma Survivors is another new regular feature (in addition to Favorite Tweetstuff, posted yesterday). I am setting up the mechanism by which I can more efficiently collect tweets for inclusion, and will source from a wider sampling than I present here in my first Best Tweets post. My selections are entirely subjective, …

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Favorite TweetStuff At Year End

I’ll be making a Favorite TweetStuff post monthly going forward. I Favorite tweets that speak to me, and sometimes that I speak back to! Not necessarily related to mental health, but always inspiring. Feel free to add any tweets which are meaningful to you in the comments. (My rally cry, and also my first tweet) …

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Time Is A Frustrating Concept

I’m working on a soon to launch project — at least I hope it’s soon — that is eating up a lot of free time, and which I used to justify not adding a new post here for a week. I am frustrated by how slow it’s moving, and by the fact that I fell …

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The Not So Multi-Task List

Now that I’ve had a bit of sleep, I’m pondering current personal and professional goals, and how I might expect to attain them. Some goals are vague: “I want to write more.” Some are personally-driven: “I need more restful sleep.” Some cry out for priority: “I need more/better organization.” Some of these goals, like “print …

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The "Routine" of Distractions

At what point does what you do routinely turn into a distraction? Everything that interests me, I look at with a “dry sponge meet drip” mentality. No drop left behind. I want to know it all, whether it’s about the economy, the stock market, multiplicity, book marketing, the Red Sox, diabetes, cats, weight loss surgery, …

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