Nov 11 2009

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Time Is A Frustrating Concept

I’m working on a soon to launch project — at least I hope it’s soon — that is eating up a lot of free time, and which I used to justify not adding a new post here for a week. I am frustrated by how slow it’s moving, and by the fact that I fell into sleepy exhaustion last night, slept a full restful nine hours, and nothing got done while I was asleep!

It’s truly one of the perks of being DID. I used to get far more done in 24 hours, whether I was “consciously” aware of it or not. I had no “time management system” then, other than strident internal ones which often paid no mind to external issues. If they deemed a time imperative necessary, it got done.

I am no longer quite so obliviously controlled by internal agendas and forces. Once in awhile, sure. I still have people inside; but the ones who could stay up all night and act convincingly refreshed even before coffee seem to find these struggles amusing.

My issue with procrastination is not the culprit here. If anything, I am trying to do too many things at about the same time, which isn’t helpful. Multi-tasking sounds good until your neat and precise schedule gets flattened.

At least writing about the frustration is helping to clarify it some. . . . See? There art thou happy!*

(*Shakespeare’s genius of finding something good no matter what: The Friar tells Romeo after everybody’s dead, that at least Romeo is only banished! “There art thou happy!” Romeo didn’t get it, either.)

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