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Best Tweets For Trauma Survivors at Year End

Best Tweets For Trauma Survivors is another new regular feature (in addition to Favorite Tweetstuff, posted yesterday). I am setting up the mechanism by which I can more efficiently collect tweets for inclusion, and will source from a wider sampling than I present here in my first Best Tweets post. My selections are entirely subjective, …

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National Day Without Stigma

Today is National Day Without Stigma, organized by ActiveMinds.org. Active Minds is the only organization working to utilize the student voice to change the conversation about mental health on college campuses. By developing and supporting chapters of a student-run mental health awareness, education, and advocacy group on campuses, the organization works to increase students’ awareness …

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Mental Illness Awareness Week

Starting today, October 4, 2009, is National Mental Illness Awareness Week. Follow the link to find NAMI (National Alliance On Mental Illness) links to PBS programming and other resources. You can find your local NAMI affliliate to find programs and resources in your state. For example, you can find the Massachusetts NAMI information in this …

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Depression Is A Thief

We wouldn’t put up with it if a stranger entered our home and demanded all of our time, our energy, our hope. But that’s the net effect of depression. It robs both you and the ones who love you. It takes what you cherish and makes it seem worthless. And it digs in its heels, …

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