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Happy New Year from Boston! (pic)

    Happy New Year! <3 pic.twitter.com/gqkh4bmk2N — GoodTherapy.org (@Good_Therapy) December 30, 2013    

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My Blog Is Back! Oh Happy Day! :)

    Time to turn the lights back on! It’s so good to be back — it’s been forever! My blog got hijacked in some mumbo-jumbo about databases, and that was just the beginning. Meanwhile, I’ve had pressing family matters that took priority — both in terms of actual time, and emotional energy — over …

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What’s Next For Me?

    If you had a choice between change forced by unwanted circumstances, or that which blooms from a long sequence of actions you willingly participated in, but really had no idea how it would all turn out … which would you choose? Today marks three months since I had my surgery. I know. I’ve …

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Everything Has Changed: My New York Adventure

  I must apologize for the delay in continuing this story. I wrote my last post the night before I was to undergo the most complex form of bariatric surgery (on April 30th), known as the duodenal switch (“DS”). I vastly underestimated how much this event was going to put me out of commission, both …

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PTSD on Pinterest ~ Take Care of You

  Welcome to the first “PTSD on Pinterest” Friday! For a broad perspective on PTSD Resources on Pinterest, check out the sidebar (scroll down) where the latest PTSD Resources pins are always displayed. Friday posts will be dedicated to a more detailed look at a sub-topic; this week’s focus is “Take Care of You”. If …

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Favorite TweetStuff On Hiatus This Week!

[important]Just a quick note that my computer and Firefox are not playing nice with each other, both moving very sloooow, even after updates and reboot. It might also be slowness on Twitter, but hard to tell at this point. I’m sure this will get worked out soonish, but I’ve also got a blizzard on my …

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