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My Word for 2014: Write

The Bee Talks With...Me

    2013 was a wild year for me. I had a form of weight loss surgery in late April called duodenal switch, and the results have been phenomenal. Not just for the weight loss, which is a blessing in itself, but there’s so much more going on. There’s a synergy happening in me now …

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What’s Next For Me?

    If you had a choice between change forced by unwanted circumstances, or that which blooms from a long sequence of actions you willingly participated in, but really had no idea how it would all turn out … which would you choose? Today marks three months since I had my surgery. I know. I’ve …

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Everything Has Changed: My New York Adventure

  I must apologize for the delay in continuing this story. I wrote my last post the night before I was to undergo the most complex form of bariatric surgery (on April 30th), known as the duodenal switch (“DS”). I vastly underestimated how much this event was going to put me out of commission, both …

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PTSD on Pinterest: Why Therapy? (04/12/13)

    This week’s PTSD on Pinterest topic is “Why Therapy?” These pins look at different aspects of therapy, different types, and why you should consider it. With mental health parity finally getting mandated, coverage will become more widely available. It can truly change your life to enlist a trained, objective third party to be …

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What I’m Learning…

  Much of my life has been spent in fighting external controls, whether it involved a toxic family of origin, or later, toxic relationships that I chose because I didn’t know/understand what occurred in my childhood. When you don’t know who is controlling you or why, fighting it results in a lot of exhausting struggle. …

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PTSD on Pinterest ~ Take Care of You

  Welcome to the first “PTSD on Pinterest” Friday! For a broad perspective on PTSD Resources on Pinterest, check out the sidebar (scroll down) where the latest PTSD Resources pins are always displayed. Friday posts will be dedicated to a more detailed look at a sub-topic; this week’s focus is “Take Care of You”. If …

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