DID/C-PTSD on Pinterest: Artwork/Poetry

    As an adjunct to my Q&A book about dissociative identity disorder, I’m building extensive resources on Pinterest. I’m currently working on about 20 “secret” boards, which really just means “not ready for prime time” yet. I’ll release them to public viewing gradually, as I continue to work on the book which they support. …

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So Grateful for Your Support! :)

Amazon DID Bestseller

    While I’m busy writing my Dissociative Identity Disorder Q&A book, and creating new resources to support it, I woke up this morning to some great evidence of support from you! Thank you for encouraging me along this journey, and for brightening my day! I can’t wait to show you what’s next! [If the …

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New at ‘Third of a Lifetime’!

    I’ve rearranged a few things here at Third of a Lifetime to create a central location for links about me and Becoming One. You’ll notice across the top menu bar there are new page links for Interviews and Becoming One Reviews. Each page will be updated as warranted. My current project, a Q&A …

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6 of 6 ‘Bees’ for ‘Becoming One’ at ‘The Bee Writes’!

    Over at The Bee Writes, Becoming One has received 6 out of 6 ‘bees’! “This is a very positive book that emphasises the ability of survivors to overcome their survival strategies which have become troublesome. It certainly has started another process of healing in me. But it also describes what is necessary for …

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So… this happened. :)

Amazon Best Seller April 1 2015 003

    Earlier this week…. Thank you to everyone who helped to create this success! I’m in such great company here. Of course, rankings are fleeting, but new books aren’t. So I’m getting to work right away on my next work, which will be a Q&A style book about Dissociative Identity Disorder! I’m really excited …

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The Bee Talks With… Me! :)

    Today I’m over at The Bee Writes…. to discuss my writing process, books that have changed the way I look at my inner world, and a “fun fact” which I’ve never written about publicly before. (It’s quirky, and it’s totally “me.”) So head over to The Bee Talks with … Sarah E. Olson …

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