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Favorite TweetStuff (week ending 04/02/10)

Each week I scoop out of my TweetStream items which make me laugh, rethink, reflect, and relax. Always inspiring! Enjoy! @kim Earth Hour 2010: The Slideshow [SEO: Simply gorgeous!] @mlomb “Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools talk because they have to say something.” ~ Plato @psychcentral After working on these issues …

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Favorite TweetStuff (week ending 03/26/10)

Throughout the week I scoop up all manner of goodness from my Tweetstream. Things that amaze, soothe, and make me think. Things that are beautiful. Always inspiring! Enjoy! @zakaraya “When you know better you do better.” ~ Oprah Winfrey @WebDesignerDepot Out of this World Coral Photography (via @AmazingPics) @zakaraya “Reality leaves a lot to the …

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Favorite TweetStuff (week ending 02/26/10)

My favorite TweetStuff is whatever I find each week that’s quirky, funny, beautiful, stunning, or fun. Always inspiring! Enjoy! @AmazingPics The beach by Philip Effraim [SEO: For everyone who is snowed in today!] @Tamavista “The reverse side also has a reverse side.” Zen @petapixel Another moonbow, this one in Hawaii @MarcyRubin LAUGH: 1 out of …

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Favorite TweetStuff (week ending 01/22/10)

Always inspiring, sometimes moving, humorous, or reveling in the creative spirit … these are some of my favorite TweetStuff scooped out of the TwitterStream this week. Enjoy! @SarahEOlson2009 Wakeup purr = better than a walk on my face RT @stevesilberman Manipulative meow: Your cat is training you with her insidious purr/meowing @SarahEOlson2009 Stand in the …

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