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Sarah McLachlan

I started focusing on Sarah McLachlan a few years ago. She is talent squared: writing, music, voice, all of it. I especially like some of her live acoustic performances that have found their way onto the Web, most of which are fairly obscure. I’m keeping a page here for my best finds, because most of them are not easy to get back again with a YouTube search.

Possession with piano accompaniment. She assumes the role of a (real life) crazed fan in a stunning performance. Don’t let the Japanese subtitles throw ya.

Into the sea of waking dreams, I follow without pride
‘Cause nothing stands between us here, and I won’t be denied.

Angel with piano, from the live “Afterglow” concert. Her best version of this song by far.

It’s easier to believe in this sweet madness —
This glorious sadness —
That brings me to my knees.

[picapp src=”e/4/0/a/Sarah_McLachlan_performs_fa91.JPG?adImageId=6412640&imageId=6511364″ width=”234″ height=”335″ /]

Fallen with piano, just you and Sarah, commiserating. Nobody does depression and despair better.

We all begin with good intent when love was raw and young.
We believed that we could change ourselves; the past could be undone.
Though we carried on our back the burden, time always reveals
The lonely light of morning, and the wound that would not heal.
It’s the bitter taste of losing everything that I’ve held so dear.

Ben’s Song, a very early black and white video with piano and some guy on bass. Beautiful, haunting song.

On a winter’s day, I saw the life blood drained away.
A cold wind blows on a windless day.

[picapp src=”3/6/a/d/e6.JPG?adImageId=6412854&imageId=2282092″ width=”234″ height=”257″ /]
Path of Thorns (Terms), with guitar, live singing to the host. Nobody does anger and disillusionment better.

Through the years I’ve grown to love you
Though your commitment to most would offend.
But I stuck by you holding on with my foolish pride
Waiting for you to give in.
You never really tried or so it seems.
I’ve had much more than myself to blame.
I’ve had enough of trying everything,
And this time it is the end.

All this, and she’s resurrecting Lilith Fair in 2010!

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