Nov 20 2015

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‘Many Voices’ Archives Available for Free!


Many Voices Logo

Many Voices was the heart and soul project of Lynn Wasnak for over 20 years until her death in 2012.

The Many Voices homepage states: “Since 1989, MANY VOICES’ bimonthly newsletters, books, and website offer healing resources to people recovering from child abuse or severe trauma. MV readers form a community dedicated to healing from tragic physical, sexual, and emotional assaults. We suggest solutions to overcome dissociation, PTSD, flashbacks, self-injury and other disabling symptoms of a painful past. We publish the knowledge and caring of trauma therapy specialists on our Therapists’ Pages. And as we heal, we share our good news of regained health and improved relationships with others. We do our part to end the cycle of child abuse.”

I both subscribed to the newsletter for many years, and attended a couple of Many Voices conferences. The homepage cited above contains many valuable resources for anyone dealing with child abuse recovery, and anything to do with dissociation. But Lynn Wasnak ensured that all of these resources, including the newsletter, would be gifted to the future.

Many Voices issues are now the property of The International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation. According to Lynn Wasnak’s wishes, ALL of the issues of Many Voices from 1989-2012 are available to download as PDF’s.”

For free! You can download every single issue of Many Voices — all 141 issues! — under their Newsletter link. Lynn also created a detailed Subject Index, so you can go directly to whichever newsletter discusses subjects of interest to you!

This is a fabulous, generous resource available to anyone! Please take advantage of it. Lynn was in many ways a pioneer, making a safe space to discuss dissociation and difficult child abuse issues on the Internet as far back as 1989. I’m personally grateful to her for her labor of love!

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