Jun 10 2015

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New at ‘Third of a Lifetime’!


New at 'Third of a Lifetime'

I’ve rearranged a few things here at Third of a Lifetime to create a central location for links about me and Becoming One. You’ll notice across the top menu bar there are new page links for Interviews and Becoming One Reviews. Each page will be updated as warranted.

My current project, a Q&A style ebook about Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), is coming along nicely, but it’s expanding! I’m finding that there’s nothing really simple about describing aspects of DID in a way that is personal, accurate, and maintains consistency. Meanwhile, the book cover is already finished, and I love it! :) I’ll be revealing that down the line when the writing is nearer to completion. These are busy, rewarding days for me!

I’d also like to welcome new blog readers who followed the link from the back of the Becoming One ebook! Thank you for your support! Feel free to ask any questions about dissociation or DID issues, and check out the Dissociation Blog Showcase page to read 185 other accounts by people impacted daily by dissociation.

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