Jan 06 2014

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My Word for 2014: Write


My 2014 Promise to Myself: Write 2013 was a wild year for me. I had a form of weight loss surgery in late April called duodenal switch, and the results have been phenomenal. Not just for the weight loss, which is a blessing in itself, but there’s so much more going on. There’s a synergy happening in me now that I find astonishing.

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  • I’ve regained mobility I’ve not experienced in 20 years, in no small part due to twice weekly physical therapy that both exhausts and exhilerates me. I’ve never exercised like this in my life, ever.

  • A year ago, I functioned (barely) only because of daily prescription pain meds, muscle relaxers, and handfuls of Ibuprofen. Today I seldom take any of these.
  • A year ago, I only left the house for doctor appointments, and even taking Vicodin, would nearly pass out from the pain going up my front eight steps. Today it is but a twinge, without pain meds. In addition to all my PT sessions, my hubby and I also went leaf-peeping in the New England autumn six weekends in a row, plus enjoyed several car trips at Christmas just to look at all the lights. We’re planning a vacation.
  • I feel good, and I feel healthier than I’ve ever felt in my life. And it’s only getting better every single day. To say I’m grateful seems so … small.

2013 was the year of finally doing what needed to be done to set me free physically. 2014 will be about setting me free mentally and emotionally. It’s hard to write productively when you’re in chronic pain, and it seems endless. It’s hard to be creative when confined to those constraints.

It’s still hard to write, but I can’t blame it on the 2013 things any more! ;) And I feel I’ve wasted far too much time the last 10 years, when just living was a terrible struggle.

I have ambitious plans for 2014, and they all hinge on writing:

  • Format Becoming One for ebook distribution
  • Finalize and publish the followup book, Becoming One Every Day
  • Finish the first draft of a psychological novel with which I’m more than mildly obsessed. My first foray into fiction since college — and it’s time.

I have a few other projects percolating as well. I’m starting a new blog series about self-care for trauma survivors. I’ve always paid lip service to self-care. I know in my heart it’s the right thing to do, but it wasn’t till 2013 that I actually began doing it. Much of that was done purely on faith that it would have any impact at all — but not doing it would have been a huge missed opportunity. Again, saying I’m grateful seems so inadequate, so I intend to pay it forward here on my blog. Look for the first in the series soon!

My word for 2014 is: write.

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  1. Sam Ruck

    I’m glad you are doing better, Sarah. Good wishes to you this year!


    1. Sarah Olson

      Thanks, Sam, for stopping by! Happy new year to you, as well!

  2. Marsha Gentry

    Hi Sarah. This is Marsha Gentry. I’m checking in. Every once in awhile I try to see how you’re doing. Today marks the 26th anniversary of my bus accident. Someone asked me for a book so I went to Amazon and saw (once again) the review that you wrote for me many years ago. My life has been very challenging. I hope that 2014 is easier. I’m not writing right now. I’m trying to engage in activity that is creative and light-hearted. I’m all over the web under “marshmallowjane.com.” I’m making doll clothes. Anyway, I’m easy to find, if you ever want to chat. I include my email here. I’m on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Etsy. Everywhere you turn, here I am. I often do not want to connect with anyone, so however you may feel, I may understand. I thought I’d catch you in this upswing. I hope things continue for you the way they’re going now……marsha

    1. Sarah Olson

      It’s so good to hear from you, Marsha! I’ve thought about you often, and wondered where your life had taken you. I’m sorry you’ve faced even more challenges. I will certainly look you up on Twitter and Pinterest, and would love to catch up with you. I do understand the not wanting to connect with anyone, I’ve certainly been through those times. But here you are, and I’m glad for it. Take very good care of you!

  3. Marsha Gentry

    Sarah, it’s not that I don’t want to connect. I’d sent you a message awhile back on Twitter, and since I never heard back, I thought maybe you were in a funk. Naturally, I’d rather tell friends how great things are going. I don’t always feel like I have a lot to share when I feel like complaining; that’s all. And I hate to hear myself complain. But I will catch up better in private. There are good things, too. :-)

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