Aug 21 2013

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Tweet of the Day: Imagination

[important]Please note that I haven’t been able to add new posts to my blog since I updated some plug-ins. :( I’m only “allowed” to edit previously entered posts and pages at this time. Speaking of which, I did some housekeeping on the Dissociation Blog Showcase! It’s completely up to date now, and lists approximately 175 blogs which deal with dissociation, PTSD, and dissociative identity disorder in at least some part. Check them out! Meanwhile, I’m working to get back to posting asap. Thanks![/important]

Every day I see literally hundreds of tweets. Perhaps 75% are mental health-related, but I also watch lots of people who tweet about subjects dear to my heart. I hate to see those tweets that resonate so strongly with me march off into the ether without some acknowledgement.

So I’m starting a new series: Tweet of the Day! I may not post one every day, but the ones I post will be special.


* * * * *

Today’s Tweet of the Day is a quote by Albert Einstein about imagination. Consider how much of his legacy is tied to his unique understanding of information, yet he said that imagination is more important than knowledge! This resonates strongly for me now, as I’ve spent my life soaking up information to the point where it’s almost like an armor for me. Lately, I’m beginning to dip my toe into the shallow end of the pool of imagination, and it’s a very big deal for me!

If this resonates for you, too, do you honor your imagination? Do you allow it free expression?




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