Mar 08 2013

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Favorite TweetStuff (03/08/13) ~ Enjoy! ~


[important]Breaking news! Beginning next Friday, Third of a Lifetime will once again get back to the business of posting PTSD Resources! It’s going to look different around here, that’s for sure. Meanwhile, I’ll continue posting Favorite TweetStuff in this format, as usual.[/important]


Every Friday I post favorite items from my Twitter stream which are funny, strange, beautiful, and often culturally relevant. ;) It’s always unpredictable, and that’s part of why I love this post! Enjoy!


@HealthyPlace “I have learned now that while those who speak about one’s miseries usually hurt, those who keep silence hurt more.” ~ C.S. Lewis


@WritersNetGuide “The only cure for writer’s block is insomnia.” ~ Merit Antares


The International Space Station and Dragon Saga

[SEO: The Dragon is the first successful delivery of an unmanned payload in a SpaceX commercially made returnable vehicle.]


‏@Cmdr_Hadfield A Dragon approaches over sub-Saharan Africa — surreal juxtaposition.


@zaibatsu Berth of a Dragon after Thruster Failure Recovery Establishes American Lifeline to ISS


@Cmdr_Hadfield “What a day! Reached and grabbed a Dragon, berthed her to Station and opened the hatch to find fresh fruit, notes from friends, and peanut butter.”


The Rest of the Best

@LillyAnn “Stand so strong in your knowledge of self that you allow no other person to define you.” ~ J.S. Perkins


@EileenHsieh Smithsonian Magazine’s 2012 Photo Contest finalists
[SEO: Incredible, stunning photos taken from all over the world, each with very different subjects and composition. One of my favorites: “”Exploring the Night” A lone hiker viewed the path before him as the Milky Way rose in the night sky above Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah.”]


@HealthyPlace “Steel the mind. Soften the heart. Satisfy the soul.” ~ Aaron Caresosa Gallego


@LouYoungNY Saw this in an Orlando parking lot. Something we need to know?


@Tamavista “Because things are the way they are, things will not stay the way they are.” ~ Bertold Brecht


@Cmdr_Hadfield Tonight’s Finale: A large rock fell from the sky and blasted this hole in our Earth. When will the next one be?
[SEO: Well, that’s cheery. :) A commenter states that this is the Manicouagan impact crater in Quebec. From space, it’s gorgeous.]


‏@WritersNetGuide “A synonym is a word you use when you can’t spell the other one.” ~ Baltasar Gracián


@pourmecoffee “It’s so fun if filibuster goes through night because all the statues come alive and interact with senators like in the Ben Stiller movies.”


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