Aug 31 2012

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Favorite TweetStuff (08/31/12) ~ Enjoy!

Every Friday I highlight favorite items from my Twitter stream which are beautiful, funny, ironic, and/or just plain weird. This week, Clint Eastwood provided a lot of fresh material. ;) Enjoy!

The Empty Chair and Invisible Obama


@pourmecoffee Oh, Internet. #eastwooding
[SEO: Within a short time following Clint Eastwood’s bizarre segment of talking to Invisible Obama in the empty chair at the Republican National Convention on Thursday night, hundreds of people provided photographic evidence that they, too, could talk to an empty chair with Invisible Obama. The phenomenon has been christened “Eastwooding”.]

@TheAJHeil OMG…HE’S EVERYWHERE (via @wilw)
[SEO: A map of the U.S. showing thousands of Invisible Obama Sightings.]

@BarackObama This seat’s taken.
[SEO: This was posted to the verified Barack Obama Twitter account by, presumably, Visible Obama. @InvisibleObama (below) is a rather new account. ;)]

@InvisibleObama “When Mitt Romney says ‘Mr. Chairman’, do you think he’s referring to me?”

@InvisibleObama “Vote for Romney, and you’ll get @invisibleNASA!”

@InvisibleObama “Everyone’s asking, ‘who’s behind @invisibleobama?’ That seems like a silly question, doesn’t it? #thinkabouthatone”


The Rest of the Best


@WritersNetGuide “Write about what you’re most afraid of.” ~ Donald Barthelme

@flipbooks 10 Seriously Unusual Hotels In Asia
[SEO: They’re mostly “one of a kind”, which is probably best.]

‏@Quotes4Writers “I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of, so they can see that it’s not the answer.” (quote by @JimCarrey)

@ashwinsanghi Insanely beautiful book sculptures
[SEO: The really amazing works are below the first few pieces of geometric patterns. I love the giant octopus and tall ship! But there are many others.]

@LillyAnn ..a most beautiful sunset

@pourmecoffee “Republican governors now speaking about their plan to reject Medicaid expansion in favor of multi-state Hunger Games event.”


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