Jul 06 2012

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Favorite TweetStuff (07/06/12) ~ Enjoy! ~

Every Friday I gather favorite items from my Twitter stream which are funny, beautiful, strange, or ironic. Sometimes… just because. ;) Enjoy!


@Tamavista “A promise is a cloud; fulfillment is rain.” ~ Arabian Proverb

@petapixel This is Our Planet — A beautiful time-lapse of Earth created using NASA photos
[SEO: If you’ve read Favorite TweetStuff for awhile, you’ll know I never get tired of seeing things from space. This view of Earth from the International Space Station seems to piece together some video I’ve previously viewed separately. And it’s gorgeous!]

@PsychAlive “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” ~ Dalai Lama

@petapixel Botched fireworks display makes for glorious photos of fireballs
[SEO: While Boston’s fireworks did happen despite the Esplanade being evacuated shortly before due to a threatening lightning cell, I feel badly for San Diego Bay revelers. A “computer glitch” (yeah, blame it on the computer!) caused the entire 20 minutes of fireworks to detonate in 15 seconds. This link includes both still photos and several videos of the event.]

@Splinteredones “I don’t really understand what I am watching. The Cubs appear to be……winning??”

@lizstrauss Red and purple straw flower.
[SEO: Liz Strauss took a series of beautiful fireworks photos in Chicago, describing each in (mostly) floral terms. These are just some of her photos: A Rustic Snowball; Lavendar Spiky Flower; Chrysanthemum Levitation; The Sun in a Flower; Air Flowers; An Umbrella Flower; Hanging from a Basket on the Bach Porch; A Favorite Purple Straw Flower and (my favorite) Red Sea Flower.]

@Quotes4Writers “Whatever has been well said by anyone is mine.” ~ Seneca

@mjdub Rocks That Look Like Food (11 pics)
[SEO: Not just a stray burger, but an entire very detailed banquet! Someone spent a lot of time on this.]

‏@Quotes4Writers “Writing is a way of talking without being interrupted.” ~ Jules Renard

@ashwinsanghi How colorblind are you? Interactive hue test
[SEO: Homework! The things you can find to do on the Internet! This test presents four colored bars with color ranges, where you rearrange the tiles in each from one end of its color spectrum to the other. It takes a bit of time, and I really doubted I would do well on it as my eyes bug me all the time, but my score was only 4, and all my errors were in the blue range. And now you know. :)]

‏@joshduv “Writers take words seriously — perhaps the last professional class that does.”


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