Mar 19 2012

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5 New Blogs Added to Dissociation Blog Showcase! (DBS)

Special Request: If you find value in this blog showcase, please add the Dissociation Blog Showcase link to your blogroll so others can find it. Thanks!

We have amazing writers amongst us who give insight and hope to anyone struggling with dissociation, or to their loved ones. It’s a brain trust, and I treasure it. When I find new blogs, I usually update the Dissociation Blog Showcase (DBS) on Sunday evenings.

I must apologize again for the delay in doing these updates. I’m struggling lately with inner stuff, as well as chronic physical stuff. Being focused has been a challenge the last several weeks. As a dear friend says, “It is what it is.” Meanwhile, I try to figure it all out, and move forward. That’s what we’re all doing, right? It just doesn’t always happen on what we want to be our timetable. Thank you for your patience; I need to practice that on myself a bit more.

Today I’ve added the following new blogs to the Showcase (with a huge thanks to Kate1975 for providing most of them to me):



notes from a shared body

Publicly Plural

The Multiplicity of Me

Also, Kate1975’s blog was renamed to Kate Is Rising

Please use the DBS link above to access these blogs, and check out the entire directory of (approximately) 200 dissociation-related blogs! As always, be careful and stay safe. Many of these blogs do not provide trigger warnings, nor are they obligated to do so.

If you, or someone you know, experiences dissociation and blog about it, write to me with the URL at sarah.e.olsonATgmailDOTcom . I review each blog before adding it to the Showcase.

Thanks so much for the feedback and well-wishes for this project!

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