Feb 17 2012

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Favorite TweetStuff (02/17/12) ~ Enjoy! ~

I never thought I’d say that I love the new New Twitter, but that day has arrived! It was just foisted upon me this week, and to my astonishment Twitter will do all the heavy lifting in formatting and embedding tweets for me. You can see how gorgeous they look below, and all their buttons are live, so please follow and share. Plus, I’ve got a lot of videos this week! Enjoy!

@heykim Chocoholics — Sculptor carves room entirely out of Chocolate!
[SEO: Fabulous chocolate carvings and artwork! And then they ate it! Seriously.]



@heykim Whitney — I will always love you
[SEO: This was my favorite song going back to Linda Ronstadt’s version. I didn’t think it could get any better till I heard Whitney do it. You won’t find many songs that so clearly convey — both musically and lyrically — the mixed feelings of love, longing, sadness, letting it go, and acceptance all at the same time. Rest in peace, Whitney.]



@SuePeaseBanitt Happy Valentine’s Day Google Doodle: This is utterly adorabibble!




@pourmecoffee Insane rope swing
[SEO: Yes, it is! Filmed in Moab, Utah, home of incredible rock formations that people think are great to jump off of. (Well, yes, with a rope. So? Yikes.) At the end of the video you can also view the making of this video.]



@PetaPixel Stunning photos of the northern lights floating over an Icelandic volcano
[SEO: This looks so alien, even with the guy standing in front of the volcano field.]



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