Jan 20 2012

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Favorite TweetStuff (01/20/12) ~ Enjoy! ~

Winter finally came to the Boston area and, so far, it’s pretty and new. Check back here in March to see how that assessment has changed! ;) Every Friday I collect favorite items from my tweet stream that amuse, awe, or enlighten me. So let’s get to it!


 @pourmecoffee “American Idol starts tonight, so now there are two endless stupid competitions of unworthy candidates with false drama.”

@ChrisDaniels5 This tree is NOT an ice sculpture, but certainly looks like one

@HealthyPlace “Isn’t it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?”

@heykim The BARKside of the force ~ Dogs barking Star Wars Imperial March (video)
[SEO: This is great! :D]

@natasha_tracy “The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.” ~ Gustave Flaubert

@pourmecoffee Lightning below, Milky Way above (video)
[SEO: The Milky Way, and storms over Africa, in about 20 seconds from the International Space Station. I love this stuff.]


@Quotes4Writers “Dreaming in public is an important part of our job description.” ~ William Gibson

@Flipbooks Volunteers Wanted for Planet Hunt to Find Planets That Could Support Life
[SEO: “When humans have looked at data, we know they find planets that computers can’t.” Neener neener, HAL!]

@Quotes4Writers “All easy problems have already been solved.” ~ Anonymous

@ashwinsanghi Ikea Installs An Apartment In Paris Subway Station (video)
[SEO: File this in: not enough money in the known universe to make me do this. Even if it’s just for six days.]

@pourmecoffee “haiku: tebow Less intangibles / Way more of the tangibles / Tangible are key”

@Austincreates12 “Art to me means the natural expression of one’s being when uninterrupted by self inflicted chaos.” ~ Ösel Tendzin


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