Dec 23 2011

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Favorite TweetStuff (12/23/11) ~ Enjoy! ~

I’m always fundamentally relieved when the calendar puts a stop to all the pre-holiday demands and in your face commercialism. We’re almost there! Meanwhile, here’s a bit of respite from my Twitter stream this week. Enjoy!


@pourmecoffee “Packers lose. Colts win. Someone went back in time and stepped on a bug.”

@EdKiernanNYC Jon Bon Jovi responds to the “exaggerated reports” of his death with this pic — Heaven looks like New Jersey — awesome!

@PsychDigest “For fast-acting relief, try slowing down.” ~ Lily Tomlin

@AmazingPics Mark Fisher: Extreme Skiing
[SEO: Is this sane?! Scroll down the page for more pics.]

@lizstrauss “My life keeps circling round to lessons I’ve met before. It’s my life to figure out what applies now.”

@mjdub Review of the year: the most discussed Twitter pictures of 2011
[SEO: “Staff at Twitter have compiled the most interesting, tweeted about pictures from Twitter in 2011, which are all tied to major world events.” While it’s hard to call many of these pictures “favorites”, they reflect a stark, true reality that puts my own little world into far greater perspective, and inspire gratitude for things I sometimes take for granted.]

@pourmecoffee “Today is the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year due to your relatives being in town.” #science

@Tamavista “In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.” ~ Camus

@ashwinsanghi 10 Coolest Armchairs
[SEO: I especially like the sweater chair, but the sheep chair (from which, arguably, the sweater chair is derived) is somehow a bit creepy. :)]

@StevenHandel “It’s no inconvenience for reality that we have trouble defining it.”

@mjdub The 79 Best Viral Videos Of 2011
[SEO: Warning, some of these may not be PC, or may be abjectly stupid, but both of those criteria are part and parcel of a lot of viral videos. This is a ‘3 second each’ compilation of the 79 best viral videos of 2011. If you scroll down, there are links to all 79. One of my favorites is Princess Girls Sing Nicki Minaj. This little girl is awesome!]

@WisdomalaCarte “The storm starts when the drops start dropping. When the drops stop dropping, the storm starts stopping.” ~ Dr. Seuss


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