Nov 04 2011

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Favorite TweetStuff (11/04/11) ~ Enjoy! ~

It’s Friday, and it really could not come soon enough. I’m especially looking forward to our clocks “falling backwards” early Sunday morning, love that extra hour of sleep! But I digress! Each Friday I collect tweets that are funny, beautiful, unusually breathtaking, and this week, a little bizarre. (Think pumpkins.) Enjoy!


@pourmecoffee “A twitter prayer: Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray for no more Kardashian tweets. Amen.”

@heykim OMG ~ AMAZING 1,818.5 lb pumpkin to reveal an incredibly intricate three-dimensional scene
[SEO: Lots of “raw” material to work with!]

@zerohedge “One thing is certain: In the case of the 99% against Jon Corzine, justice will be swerved.”

@OddityCentral Incredibly Realistic Pumpkin-Carved Portraits by Alex Wer
[SEO: I have no idea how he does this. Steve Jobs, Harry Potter, comic book characters, all extremely detailed.]

@HealthyPlace “Some people hear voices.. Some see invisible people.. Others have no imagination whatsoever.”

@mymodernmet Most Expressive Pumpkin Faces Ever!
[SEO: Intricate combined with whimsical. Some are very odd! And some require a human hand prop. ;)]

@AncientProverbs “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” ~ Aristotle

@SarahEOlson2009 Meow!! BY G.A Rossini
[SEO: This has been making me laugh all week!]


@Carlolight “Words can help to establish a bridge. ~ But once the bridge is crossed. ~ Let the words go.” ~ Leonard Jacobson

@heykim Crazy awesome video – How far would you go for to feel FREE? I Believe I Can Fly
[SEO: Oh. My. God. Two guys show you step by step how they prepare to jump off cliffs with a parachute, and high wire walk across a river gorge without a parachute.]

@WisdomalaCarte “If you fail to go within, you will go without.” ~ Neale Donald Walsch

@TIMECulture Listen to the All-TIME 100 Songs in 180 Seconds

@HealthyPlace “When writing the story of your life, don’t let anyone else hold the pen.”


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