May 12 2011

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Houston, We Have a Problem…

I’ve been struggling for a month to determine why WordPress will not allow me to upload new pictures with my blog posts. My blog host has been repeatedly, and spectacularly, unhelpful. Last week, even pictures that had previously been uploaded okay began to spontaneously resize themselves all over their respective blog posts. Have I mentioned, this kind of thing makes me nuts?

I finally took it to my blog guy (Joel is a gem!), who helped to narrow the focus to the point where this weekend I’ll be deleting and attempting to re-upload revised pictures all over my blog. I soooo hope this works!

In the meantime, the blog will stay up, but you still might see some wacky looking images here and there while this process is occurring.

Thank you in advance for your patience! Can I borrow it for awhile? ;)

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