Feb 13 2011

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The More Things Change …

The More Things Change...

… the more they stay the same! :) Photo Credit

In the next few months, I’m planning some key changes for Third of a Lifetime.

One dismaying fact about pulling together links for my “year end PTSD Resources” project was the huge number of broken links in the 50+ weekly Best Tweets series. The existence of a “broken link checker” plug-in — and zillions of very inventive, possibility-creating plug-ins for self-hosted WordPress — changed my world-view on the state of this blog.

So I’m happy to announce that Third of a Lifetime is moving to its own domain in the next couple of weeks — but I’m also pleased to add that nothing’s really changing! I’m keeping the same theme, with a few more bells and whistles. WordPress will automagically redirect links from this URL to the new one, so all the inbound links previously created won’t break. That WP began offering this mapping service clinched the deal. The new URL is not in service yet, but let’s say that it’s not changing much, either.

Also planned in the near future, my book Becoming One will be formatted for Kindle and other ebook formats. Both paper and ebook versions will be available for purchase directly from the new blog site, as well as from all of the usual suspects.

There’s more, but I need to pace myself. :D I’ve got my “dream big” thing going again, and I like the direction in which this is all moving. (Movement: my word for 2011!)  I will formally announce when the new blog site is ready for the world! Thank you for your support, both here and on Twitter, and (soon! shhhh) Facebook.

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