Feb 06 2011

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Four New Blogs Added to Dissociation Blog Showcase! (DBS)

Special Request: If you find value in this blog showcase, please add the Dissociation Blog Showcase link to your blogroll so others can find it. Thanks!

We have amazing writers amongst us who give insight and hope to anyone struggling with dissociation, or to their loved ones. It’s a brain trust, and I treasure it. When I find new blogs, I update the Dissociation Blog Showcase (DBS) on Sunday evenings. Tonight I’ve added the following four new blogs:

Being Elle

CrystallBall7’s Blog

Me, Myself and i

Secrets of a five year-old prostitute


Please use the DBS link above to access these blogs, and check out the entire directory of (currently) 192 dissociation-related blogs!

As always, be careful and safe. Many of these blogs do not provide trigger warnings, nor are they obligated to do so.

Still on the way: I’ve received requests for inclusion of some DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) information and awareness sites, which are not “blogs” per se. I’m still planning to add a new section for these types of sites to the index, so please let me know if you have any favorites. (The two sites currently in the queue are DID World Map and DIDiva.com.) Thanks!

If you, or someone you know, experiences dissociation and blog about it, write to me with the URL at


I review each blog before adding it to the Showcase. Thanks so much for the feedback and well-wishes for this project!

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1 comment

  1. UnmotheredChild

    I was thinking about this workshop I went to about DID and I realised that everything they talked about was not really about DID [except when they talked about alters] but it was about Disorganised Attachment and its symptoms.
    I am more confused than ever now. Where does disorganised attachment end and DID start? Because I think the two should be seperated, no? My friend had all the symptoms they were talking about, behaves in therapy like they described, but she has no DID. She has attachment issues.

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