Jan 28 2011

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Best Tweets for Trauma and PTSD Survivors (week ending 01/28/11)

Best Tweets for Trauma and PTSD Survivors is a weekly Friday feature. My selections are entirely subjective, and I know it will never be possible to include every great resource tweeted. But I can try! I’ve personally read all tweeted links, and believe them to be of great value.

Disclaimer: I am in no way responsible for content found on any other website. Stay safe, and don’t follow links if you believe you might be triggered by them. Also, I will not be re-checking links from older Best Tweets posts, and if the site’s archived URL is different from the one I’ve provided here, you may need to do a search on their site.

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BT012811 Lost Key

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@MindfulBoston “Tuning into the buzz….
What are you tuning out? That might be important.
That might be your life.”


Six Standalone Tweets to Ponder

@CarePathways “We have the power within us to heal ourselves. We do not have the power to heal our experience.”

@rcinstitute “WarriorWednesday: the true warrior begins by loving and accepting themselves.”

@LillyAnn “Learn to accept the present moment as if you had invited it.” ~ Pema Chödrön

@MindfullyChange “The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make a mistake.” ~ Elbert Hubbard

@TheNoteProject “Gratitude: ‘Transcendent moments of awe that change forever how we experience life and the world.'” ~ John Milton

@Tamavista “All men should strive to learn before they die what they are running from, and to, and why.” ~ Thurber


Linked Tweets

Mental Health-Related Surveys Seek Participants


@psychcentral Therapy Soup: What’s Your Self-Image? NAMI Survey
[SEO: The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) is conducting a survey relating to how pop culture etc. affects how individuals living with mental illness see themselves. You can find this survey — open only until February 14, 2011 — here.]

@drkkolmes Have you been in psychotherapy and seen your therapist’s info on the Internet? Participate in research!
[SEO: Note: No deadline provided. “Are you a person 18 years old or over, who has been in psychotherapy, and has sought or found information about your therapist on the Internet? If so, we would appreciate your taking the time to complete a survey. … As a participant, you will be asked to complete an online survey covering your basic demographic information and your experiences regarding seeking or accidentally discovering information about your therapist on the Internet. We expect the survey to take about 20 to 35 minutes to complete.”]


The Rest of the Best


@mamaduck123456 Awareness starts with you and me
[SEO: Why it behooves you to be aware and act when you see or hear acts (or possible acts) of child abuse: a lot of other people may choose to not become involved. Every child needs and deserves a champion. Be that person.]

@ResearchBlogs Book Review: When the Past is Always Present; A New PTSD Treatment?
[SEO: “Ruden believes that the means to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is to use the senses. This idea, which is at the core of the theory of psychosensory therapy, forms what the author considers the ‘third pillar’ of trauma treatment. The first and second pillars refer to psychotherapy and psychopharmacology. The theory of psychosensory therapy postulates that sensory input, for example, touch ‘creates extrasensory activity that alters brain function and the way we respond to stimuli’. In other words, new sensory input can change memories and their power over us.”]

@SarahEOlson2009 Fearless Nation: First in PTSD Support in Second Life
[SEO: In my Best Tweets post last week, I mentioned the T2 Virtual PTSD Experience project newly offered in Second Life to veterans, their families, and friends. I commented that something like this for civilians would be extremely valuable. Well, guess what? It’s already available, and has been since 2009. Learn about Fearless Nation’s PTSD Retreat in Second Life: links to explore and three videos embedded all within my post. And check out the Fearless Nation PTSD Support website for a treasure trove of online resources.]

@psychcentral Feeling SAD? Having a hard time with the winter season? Here are a few tips to deal with Seasonal Affective Disorder
[SEO: “Seasonal Affective Disorder is a type of depression that most often occurs during the winter months. People with SAD tend to feel lethargic and often crave foods that are high in carbohydrates. Lots of people have a mild form of SAD called winter blues. … Those with SAD find it interferes with their ability to perform daily tasks, while those with winter blues just slosh ahead despite feeling gloomy.”]

@zebraspolkadots May today you find peace if you are struggling with your pain. And trust…it is not for “forever”.
[SEO: “Many just don’t know how to sit with the pain of those who have suffered in trauma. Their intentions are good but they often don’t understand that to heal most often begins with being heard. After all — if our experiences are not valid, what do we have to heal from so we should be able to just ‘get on with it’, right? If we are forced to live in denial of our pain from the trauma experience, we are often setting ourselves up for our pain to come out in other, often maladaptive, ways.”]

@soulseedz What fear called risk will soon be revealed as opportunity — The Benefits of Risk Taking
[SEO: “Without risk, you would never escape from the prison of who you think you have to be to satisfy the critics into the fullness of your true self that always was. The irony is that you need to take risks in order to move beyond the small self that keeps itself alive by believing there is too much at stake. There isn’t. There is more of substance in a tennis ball than in the small self’s delusions of permanence. It’s all changing, all the time. The greater risk is to mistake a memory or an idea for the way things really are, for then you risk missing the moment. At your essence you know what is true risk and what is ego’s games, and you know that risk is necessary because on the other side of the risk lies freedom.” Note: He’s not advocating stupid risks. He’s saying be safe, but take a step outside of your comfort zone.]

@MentalHelpNet Overcoming Social Anxiety with Mindfulness Therapy
[SEO: “When you develop a mindfulness-based relationship with your inner emotions, your anxiety and fear, you set up a completely different inner environment that greatly facilitates transformation, resolution and healing of the emotional constructs of anxiety and fear. The simple fact is that reactivity inhibits change, while mindfulness promotes change and healing. You first learn to recognize the impulse to react with fear or panic as it arises, and to respond at a very early stage to the impulse with mindful-attention. This simple action stops the reactivity proliferating into worry and negative thinking, and opens up a brief moment of choice, a space before the reaction takes off. This is the beginning of the de-conditioning process. With practice you can develop and lengthen this space, especially in mindfulness meditation sessions, which become practice grounds for developing new ways of responding to your emotions and the associated external situations.”]


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  1. Susan

    Thank you Sara for including this article in your Best tweets! I’m honored to be amongst such awesome and wonderful warriors for wellness! Susan @zebraspolkadots

    1. Sarah Olson


      You are very welcome! I appreciate you stopping by. Have a great weekend!


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