Jan 13 2011

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About My Year-End Project: Best PTSD Resources Pages

New Pages!

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I’ve spent much of the last four weeks immersed in my year-end project, culminating in three new pages (not posts): 2010 Best PTSD Resources for Trauma Survivors Part 1, Part 2, and coming tomorrow, Part 3. It suddenly occurred to me that blog subscribers who aren’t on Twitter probably don’t know why the Friday Best Tweets posts were suspended the last few weeks, since new pages are not forwarded to subscribers. My apologies!

I began posting Best Tweets for Trauma Survivors on New Year’s Eve 2009, in large part because I saw so many wonderful resources passing into Twitter obscurity, and wanted a way to keep them more permanently. But the Best Tweets posts eventually suffered from the same problem: they’ve become buried in this blog. I make liberal use of tags, so search is fairly good, but there is no index. So I’ve put the best of them into three permanent pages, each with its own linked index.

In my wildest dreams, I somehow thought I could pull together, organize, and annotate 600 links over a few months’ time, and present them all on New Year’s Eve 2010. Well, better late than never! I also initially believed I could do this again every New Year’s Eve! From where I sit today, that is purely insane. :)

I will publish the third installment tomorrow (Friday) evening, and spend some time next week spiffing up the cross-linking between the three pages. Eventually, I’ll drop the “2010” because most of these resources are timeless. Plus, I’ll indicate new additions, and regularly verify that links are still valid.

I’m so grateful to @Splinteredones and @AndreaInIowa for all the pep talks, encouragement, and support, especially during the last three weeks!

Last but certainly not least, have a joyful, meaning-filled new year! Thank you all for supporting me and this blog!

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  1. attached

    thank you so much for all your work. I find these resources incredibly helpful and I’m always amazed at how many things you find.

  2. Splinteredones

    Ypu’re welcome honey & thanks, but none really needed. ;). Just kerp with balance.

  3. Sandra Lee

    These are fantastic resources. Thanks for all you hard work and dedication. Glad you are finding a balanced way to approach this!

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