Sep 19 2010

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Two New Blogs Added to Dissociation Blog Showcase! (DBS)

Special Request: If you find value in this blog showcase, please add the Dissociation Blog Showcase link to your blogroll so others can find it. Thanks!

We have amazing writers amongst us who give insight and hope to anyone struggling with dissociation, or to their loved ones. It’s a brain trust, and I treasure it. When I find new blogs, I update the Dissociation Blog Showcase (DBS) on Sunday evenings. Tonight I’ve added the following two new blogs:

A Life Restored

Matty’s Bit Of Space

Please use the DBS link above to access these blogs, and check out the entire directory of (currently) 173 dissociation-related blogs!

As always, be careful and safe. Many of these blogs do not provide trigger warnings, nor are they obligated to do so.

I need your help! If you, or someone you know, experiences dissociation and blog about it, write to me with the URL at


I review each blog before adding it to the Showcase. Thanks so much for the feedback and well-wishes for this project!

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  1. Grace

    Would you please consider adding my blog to your list. Know Dissociation is a gateway blog to various topics that are offshoots of DID as a main topic.

    My blog http://forbiddentopic.blogspot.com is to help familiarize people with easy to understand posts from the beginning. The rest is sharing coping skills and healing experiences.

    Would be happy to add your blog roll but am unsure where the actual link is to your list of blogs.


  2. Grace

    oops, nevermind. i found the list and i’m there. thank you! will return the favor now.

    1. Sarah Olson

      Thanks so much! I thought those blogs sounded familiar. :)


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