Sep 16 2010

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Join Me on the PTSD Twibe via Twitter!

Twibes has released a bunch of names of Twibes that were apparently inactive or overgrown with spam. I was surprised to find that “PTSD” was one of them, so I snapped it up. There will be no spam on this list!

If you follow PTSD issues on Twitter, the Twibe allows you to zero in on those conversations. For example, you may follow me, and I do post a lot about PTSD — but I also dote on cats, quotations, and writerly stuff you might not be interested in. When you go to the PTSD Twibe site, you’ll see only the tweets from members that contain one or more of the following keywords:

child abuse
veterans TBI
violent crime

They only allow up to seven keywords, unfortunately. If I can verify that “PTSD” does not need to be a keyword because it’s in the title, I will swap in “domestic violence”. If you want to ensure your tweet is picked up at the Twibe site, always include the tag #ptsd .

Once you’ve joined, you can tweet right on the Twibe site, and designate whether that tweet will appear only on Twibes, or also in your Twitter account to all of your followers.

How to Join the PTSD Twibe

If you want to join, you must have an active Twitter account first. Next, follow this link to the PTSD Twibe, click on the Join button, and it will take you to Twitter to let you authorize Twibes to access your tweets. By doing it this way, you never have to give Twibes your Twitter password. Say yes, and it will fill in a Tweet screen saying you joined the PTSD Twibe at http://www.twibes.com/group/PTSD . You have to post this tweet to activate your joining the group (plus it’s a nice little plug to your followers about the Twibe). Check back at the Twibe site after you post the tweet, refresh the page, and you should shortly see that you have become a member. Easy peasy!

The more interested, engaged people who join, the more vibrant and helpful the conversation will become. If you have any questions at all, feel free to leave them here in the comments, and I will do my best to get the answers for you. Thanks!

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  1. DragonHeartSong

    Thank you, Sarah, for snagging this twibe! It had undoubtedly been claimed earlier and then was released in the flood of available, lapsed twibes. I almost lost one of mine, because I hadn’t been active in it!

    Wishing you a peaceful weekend,


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