Aug 20 2010

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Favorite TweetStuff (week ending 08/20/10)

Summer’s beginning to wind down, I can feel it in the slightly cooler temps this week. Maybe that’s just me wishing it were so! Here are some of my favorite goodies rescued from my Tweet stream this week — full of beauty, whimsy, and inspiration. Enjoy!

@photoblggr 38 Magnificent Vaulted Ceiling Pictures (via @AmazingPics)
[SEO: So many modern buildings are ugly soul-less boxes, and then there are these, most preserved from various eras, and some relatively new. Gorgeous!]

@oncevision “The person who goes farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare.” ~ Dale Carnegie

@openthink2 Very Cool. Dollar Bill-dings (PIC)
[SEO: Each dollar denominated bill has an historic building printed on it. These photos show each bill held up against the actual (distant) landmark building and matched to perfect scale. Hard to explain; easier to just look at! :)]

@5tevenw “People that are organized are just too lazy to look for things.” (via @lizzielipstick1)

@patriciasinglet Music For The Soul
[SEO: For me, the neat continuous feed of “photographs” documenting a man’s life from early teens to 50th wedding anniversary upstages the music completely! You decide.]

@EternalQuotes “You gotta desire the change, before you actually begin to change.” ~ Michelle Pierre (via @ACCRI)

@several_ Journalism Warning Labels (via @petequily)
[SEO: This guy printed up warning labels for journalism such as: “Warning: To ensure future interviews with subject, important questions were not asked”. Both funny, and sadly needed.]

@LillyAnn “Every thought is a seed. If you plant crab apples, don’t count on harvesting Golden Delicious.” ~ Bill Meyer

@goodthingZ Amazing 3D Paintings Made From Stacks of Old Books

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