May 21 2010

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Favorite TweetStuff (week ending 05/21/10)

It’s been a quirky week, which is reflected both by what people chose to post on Twitter, as well as by the fact that it fascinated me! My Favorite TweetStuff is rescued from my TweetStream each week, and presented for your amusement and amazement. Enjoy!

@WritersQuotes “Writing is a struggle against silence.” ~ Carlos Fuentes

@DesignerDepot Craziest animated GIF ever (via @AmazingPics)

@TipsFromTheTop “Deja Fu: The feeling that somehow, somewhere, you’ve been kicked in the head like this before.” ~ Bruce Sherrod

@Splinteredones “Oh my god this may be the funniest thing i have EVAH seen” (via @Aliquant) You are so owned. Meow! (YouTube)
[SEO: Cat lovers will adore this. Linked phrase was mine. :) ]

@mrchriswagner “While not strictly mental health related, this has got to be the best story for ages, you know the one, the ninja story.”

@DeborahSerani 5 Foods That Lift Your Mood. Yay, Chocolate is One Of Them!
[SEO: Did I not say previously that the article claiming that chocolate depresses you was incredibly funny? I am so validated!]

@petapixel First of the last Space Shuttle launches – Atlantis (via The Big Picture – Boston Globe)
[SEO: Detailed photography of the process to get Atlantis in top shape following its previous shuttle mission for the one which began this last week — the last scheduled mission of Atlantis.]

@sdesic Sculptures made with oranges (via @Maria_bg)

@WritersQuotes “Cats are so unpredictable: you just never know how they’ll ignore you next.” ~ Saba Design

@petapixel Gigantic stop-motion Olympus PEN commercial (video)

@Conduru “What is now proved was once only imagined.” ~ William Blake (via @DrWayneWDyer)

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