Apr 30 2010

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Favorite TweetStuff (week ending 04/30/10)

My Favorite TweetStuff this week seems to have a theme of writing, cats, and chocolate. Those are all inspirational, to me, anyway! Enjoy!

@LZeefe “What you see before you, my friend, is the result of a lifetime of chocolate.” ~ Katherine Hepburn

@Donna_Carrick “Writing and cats have been invented, so human beings don’t go insane.” (via @danish_novelist)

@VoiceinRecovery A great reminder to all bloggers (via @CaitlinHTP)

@WritersQuotes “Books had instant replay long before televised sports.” ~ Bert Williams

@awakeningaimee “Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.” ~ Churchill (via @FindingMelissa)

@Quotes4Writers “I hate people who steal my ideas before I think of them.” ~ Anonymous

@depression_news Chocolate Consumption May Cause Depression
[SEO: I know this is a serious article but … HAHAHAHAHA!!! In decades of experimentation, chocolate has never once made me depressed! Yes, it talks about depression creating chocolate cravings, well … of course depression creates chocolate cravings! It fixes the depression! This topic just struck me as immensely funny. Maybe it’s just me. :)]

@WritersQuotes “The scientific theory I like best is that the rings of Saturn are composed entirely of lost airline luggage.” ~ Mark Russell

@LillyAnn “As long as you want to be, you are not. Stop wanting, stop trying. And there you are.”

@rcinstitute “Simplicity Saturday: simplify your life by finishing what you start.”
[SEO: Yes, 1000 times yes! Which is about how many things I failed to finish in my lifetime. But I’m getting better!]

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