Apr 28 2010

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New Series! DBS Focus: Labyrinth Of People

This is a new Wednesday series in which I randomly shine a spotlight on one blog found in the Dissociation Blog Showcase.

As the collection grows, you will always be able to find all DBS Focus posts by searching on “DBS Focus”, either as a tag or category, or in a blog search. I will also create a unique tag for each blog I review. For example, the tag for the first blog in this series is “LabyrinthOfPeople”. The tag will be a shortened identifier of the blog, not necessarily the entire blog title.

Labyrinth Of People

I selected Labyrinth of People to begin this series because it was one of the first websites I found oh-so-many years ago when looking for dissociation information. Its resources are abundant! And it goes back far enough in time that “blogs” were not yet the catch word for resource/writing sites. This is an indexed, writing-powered resource that is a blog in all but name.

Sherry has written numerous articles pertaining to the Dissociative Identity Disorder experience, such as “ABC’s of DID”, “Mapping Your Inner System”, and “Children of a DID Parent”. She candidly discusses her own treatment history and what she does to cope. She provides her journals written while in the hospital.

The website is connected to a Yahoo support group forum (LOPSG), an Amazon store with just about every DID/MPD book available (disclosure: mine too!), a section where you can nominate yourself or others for Labyrinth of People website awards, a DID/MPD FAQ, and a Labyrinth of People webring which currently lists 28 other related websites.

Sherry’s creativity is evident both in her posted artwork, and in the products she created and sells in her DID store on CafePress. I like the “Free to be We” theme. If you follow the CafePress store link on this page, you’ll also find a 348 page paperback book written and self-published by Sherry called “Living with Dissociative Identity Disorder”. (While I have not read this myself, I offer it as an example of what anyone can do with their memoirs/story/poems/artwork.)

All this to explain why I got lost in this Labyrinth of People years ago. (In a good way!) :) It’s a great site!

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