Dec 03 2009

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Blogging Hiatus Was For A Good Cause

Well, time does fly by, especially if you’re dissociative. But I actually remember most of the last month, so that’s not it.

I am oh-so-close to releasing the first draft of my new Dissociation Blog Showcase for which I donated all of my free blogging time (and then some) this last month. I have close to 100 blogs listed now, all authored by people who personally experience dissociation, and blog about its effect and impact on their lives.

Because it’s the area I know well and cherish, many of my first-draft blog selections are written by child abuse survivors. But there is a growing field of war veterans dealing with PTSD, including dissociation. We are more alike than one might initially believe. And we can all learn from each other. I will be adding many more dissociation-related blogs by war veterans to the Showcase in the future.

I have this quirky annoying habit of not being able to finish things. I want them to be “done” and “perfect”, neither of which is ever going to happen here. I have hundreds (sadly, more like thousands) of awe-inspiring blogs left to discover and add to the Showcase. I have Google alerts sending me new ones every day. I can hover over this project forever and it will never be “done”. There, I said it. :)

So this is the post before the post which will provide the link to my new Dissociation Blog Showcase. It’s coming, very soon. And if you want me to include your blog, drop me a note in the comments, or DM me on Twitter @SarahEOlson2009 or email me at sarah.e.olsonATgmailDOTcom .

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  1. John

    Just came across your blog and have found some very helpful posts that I will use to improve my site. We check back often to see your latest posts.

  2. Sarah Olson

    Thanks, John. Can you explain how my blog posts will improve your site, which is about viral marketing?

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