Nov 17 2009

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My Mom Is Different – DID KidLit

Only a few months ago, someone asked about a book that could help explain DID to your child. I knew such a book existed, but it was a dead-end at Amazon.

So I was delighted to find My Mom Is Different was preserved in .PDF format, and is available for free download at Sidran Institute. Sidran offers a range of books and other media related to trauma recovery, PTSD, and DID, and is an excellent resource.

With regard to My Mom Is Different, Sidran states:

This illustrated book for children is written from the point of view of the child of a multiple parent. It is an ideal vehicle with which to introduce the concept of multiplicity to the young children of newly diagnosed parents. Authored by a mother with MPD, My Mom Is Different addresses many of the concerns of such children; confusion about the parent’s relationship with a therapist (a relationship that many children find frightening); anger about hospitalization and fear of hospital visits; and the pain and disruption that a parent experiences when remembering past traumatic events (even though recovering memories is ultimately beneficial).

The tone of this book is hopeful, although it does not shy away from difficult subjects. For example, it addresses the longing of children of “different” parents to have “regular” parents, and their discomfort with discussing their parent’s situation with their friends. The book clearly explains to children what a “survivor” is, what an “alter” is, and how alters may behave.

My Mom Is Different will help parents, both those who are multiple and those who are not, talk effectively with their children about MPD, addressing how multiplicity works and how it may affect the feelings of the child. It discusses children’s fears that their dissociative parent no longer loves them or that the parent will go away and never come back. This book also deals with children’s embarrassment about a parent’s behavior, absences, bad days, and more.

Always positive, My Mom Is Different reinforces the idea that, even with the difficulties that dissociation may bring, a family with a multiple parent can be loving, supportive, and nurturing, and problems can be overcome.

Again, you can download for free the entire illustrated book in .PDF format here: My Mom Is Different.

Also new, and of note to anyone intrigued by The United States of Tara show on Showtime:

Sidran has been chosen by the Showtime Television Network to provide information and support to viewers and media concerning Dissociative Identity Disorder in connection with their program “The United States of Tara,” which premieres January 18.

To that end, Sidran has prepared a page of free DID Resources, along with links to the DID-related books and materials which they sell.

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