Oct 27 2009

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Lessons of a Camera

It’s strange. I come from a family of avid photographers, but it’s not my hobby. I’ve never paid much attention to the (almost toy) camera my hubby plays with, other than knowing it’s digital and you can see the results instantly on the computer. I never asked him to take pictures of anything, really, till we went back on the Autumn in New England circuit tour Sunday. Oy.

We found stunning trees, shimmering in bright sunlight, appearing to be on fire with vivid red, purple, orange, and yellow hues. Some trees still have green leaves as well, and create a kind of rainbow bouquet. Wish I had some pictures to share with you.

The little toy camera made every tree, regardless of how it actually looked, appear to be a solid muted boring brownish orange. Every. Freaking. Tree.

Lesson No. 1: Life is short, stressing about a toy camera is pretty silly. And the trees really were gorgeous.

Lesson No. 2: I actually want to take pictures with a grownup camera. I love the digital aspect, because I wasted a lot of film on the old cameras. That’s precisely what made me not pursue it as a hobby.

So, DH. Christmas is right around the corner ….
[picapp src=”7/5/0/a/b7.jpg?adImageId=6874874&imageId=1258527″ width=”234″ height=”171″ /]

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