Aug 28 2009

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Inspiring Internal Focus

There’s a recent TV commercial (a not very effective one, because I cannot recall what they were selling) where the people start talking over each other in random gibberish, and then we learn it’s “search engine overload”. It struck me as a fairly good representation of what it’s like inside the dissociative head, especially prior to getting a handle on internal cooperation.

I was once prescribed Ritalin for what I thought was my short attention span. It now seems ridiculously obvious that Ritalin doesn’t do much for dissociative disconnects.

So what does?

You can either fight the internal system, or choose to be a part of it. Those are the only choices I have found for myself. I was fighting the system for all those years before I was even aware that a system existed. Fighting the system just wears me down, and makes me feel unstable. Not good! But cooperation doesn’t equate to capitulation, either.

To me, internal cooperation is an honor and integrity system. Agreements are made, behaviors modified or held in check, necessary functions get done — all based upon a trust that others’ needs will also be met. Find out exactly what matters to each insider, exactly what they seek, and create a way to provide it for them. The process requires patience and a willingness to see from another’s viewpoint, but life becomes much less complicated, and much more satisfying and productive, this way.

The alternative is to spend much of my time frustrated and trapped in negativity. I try not to go there anymore.

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