Aug 20 2009

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Dancing for Normal

When I was first diagnosed with diabetes about 20 years ago, my original hbA1c test was 13.4. The A1c gives a good snapshot measure of your blood sugar levels over the last three months, weighting heavier to the last six weeks.

The people who set the standards moved the goal posts several times through the years. The high end of the “normal” range was 7.0 at my first test, and my test was nearly double that. The upper range has since been lowered to 6.5, and now to 6.0.

Research shows that the lower your A1c is, the more you can stop diabetic complications in their tracks. Like, in some cases, the nerve endings in your toes can regenerate and you begin feeling them again. The lower you can maintain your blood sugar levels, the less likely you will be to go blind or lose kidney function. Or a foot.

My last A1c in May was 6.8. The best ever to date, and I was thrilled. But not nearly as much as I am today, where for the first time ever my A1c fell into “normal” range at 5.9. Woooohoooooo!

While I usually don’t think shooting for normal is all that great an idea — why settle for normal? — there are times, such as this one, where a happy dance is merited. And I’m dancin’!

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